Social networking sites are controlling your mind

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Comments made by Simon McCarthy-Jones from Trinity College Dublin He reveals how Facebook is exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology These include the fundamental need to belong and a desire for social status As a result, our brains treat information about ourselves like a reward Government legislation may be needed to restrict usage and help people take back control of

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Driving BMW’s futuristic family car

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New i3s is a sportier version of BMW’s zero-emissions family hatchback All-electric models costs £36,975 – range extender version is £40,125 High-performance electric motor and battery produces 184 horse power That’s good enough to sprint to 62mph in 6.9mph and a top speed of 99mph By Ray Massey For Ditch diesel and buy yourself an electric car. That’s the

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Google unveils new Android software in India to power…

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 Can work on entry-level smartphones with memory of as low as 512 megabytes Has its own app store with ‘lite’ versions of apps to download  By Reuters Alphabet’s Google launched a stripped-down version of its Android software in India on Tuesday, as it attempts to woo millions of ‘basic phone’ users in the fast-growing wireless services market. The Android Oreo

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Lamborghini reveals its Urus supercar SUV

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Lamborghini Urus is the first ‘Super SUV’ and features a 641bhp 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine It can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 3.6 seconds – that’s faster than Aston Martin’s V12-powered DB11 There’s enough seats for five people and it has 616 litres of boot space – more than a Skoda Octavia  Prices will start from £157,800 or $200,000

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Facebook launches parent-controlled Messenger app for kids

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Messenger Kids is standalone app that can be controlled from parent’s Facebook Using the app will not create a Facebook account for the child, the firm says Kids will not be able to connect with people their parents have not approved There are no ads or in-app purchases, and kids can’t delete messages in the app  By Associated Press Facebook

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Two ancient cave lion cubs found frozen in Siberia

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Extinct cubs Uyan and Dina were found in near-perfect condition two years ago They had been preserved in the Siberian permafrost since the Ice Age  Scientists have revealed there’s no milk in their stomach, meaning mother fled They also found they were just days old, having died in a potential landslide By Will Stewart for MailOnline Scientists have unlocked a 55,000 year

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Killer whale geoglyph found in the Peru Desert

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German researchers discovered the geoglyph in the 1960s, but it was lost again for decades, until Jan 2015 The massive orca ‘etching’ is roughly 230 feet long (70 meters) in the hillside, and was created 2,000 yrs ago It is situated in the Palpa region of southern Peru, not far from the Nazca site, but is much older than others

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David Gandy on cars and why he wants a classic Jaguar

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By Ray Massey For Male supermodel and self-confessed car nut David Gandy faced a dilemma during the Los Angeles Motor show this week. Given the choice, would he choose Jaguar’s brand new E-Pace sports utility vehicle, being launched in the USA, or a classic E-Type Jaguar from the 1960s? I posed him the question while he was being filmed

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Tesla switches on the world’s biggest battery in Australia

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The billionaire earlier this year offered on Twitter to build the battery farm He completed it last week to beat his deadline of having it ready in 100 days  Now, it has been switched on at the Hornsdale wind farm near Jamestown Tesla hopes battery will help Australia become a renewable energy powerhouse By Shivali Best For Mailonline Just a week

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Is the Government unfairly demonising diesel cars?

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By Simon Lambert for Is the Government unfairly demonising diesel? Another attack on diesel cars was slipped into the Budget last week, with the threat to bump new vehicles up a first-year tax band. This rise in showroom tax was trailed as only for those diesels that don’t meet the latest clean standards. But there’s one small problem –

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