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Eric Morecambe’s 1968 Jensen Interceptor is up for auction

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Eric Morecambe’s 1968 Jensen Interceptor coupe – which he bought new – is at auction for the first time It has been fully restored after being bought by Silverstone Auctions in 2014 for £28,400 Expected to sell for £110,000 next month, it is the very car the comedy star suffered a heart attack driving Reliant Regal that appeared in 2001

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ROBOTS are no better at performing surgery than humans

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Studies found machines don’t reduce side effects and take longer to operate The NHS has about 60 surgical robots, often bought for about £1.5million each The most common is the Da Vinci, which was first use to remove a gallbladder  By Ben Spencer Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail Highly-trained surgeons armed with a scalpel perform procedures faster than machines,

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Amazon receives 238 proposals for its second headquarters

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Amazon said today that it received 238 proposals from cities and areas in the USA, Canada and Mexico expecting to be the home of the business’s second headquarters. The internet retailer kicked off its search for another home base in September, promising to bring 50,000 new jobs and invest more than $5-billion online building. Proposals were due a week, and

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The car most people are getting rid of using scrappage

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Auto Trader launched a Scrappage Scheme Tool just a week ago Some 17,000 owners have entered their vehicle details to see if they’re eligible The used car site said there’s been an even split of petrol and diesel cars  By Rob Hull For No fewer than 24 car brands have offered scrappage schemes since the beginning of the year, offering

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Birds help others with parenting if they anticipate favor

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Birds will sometimes care for the offspring of other birds of their own species Researchers have questioned what they gain by not producing their own brood a One idea is that these birds only help relatives, for example younger siblings  Birds are more eager to help non-family members if they may inherit territory By Cecile Borkhataria For Birds will

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Luton Luton charges the most at £7 for 40 minutes

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Study finds eight of the top 20 airports have increased pick-up tariffs this year London Luton tops the list, charging £7 for 40 mins, followed by London Stansted at £5 for 30 mins and Birmingham at £4.90 for one hour Five airports raise drop off fees; London Stansted highest at £3.50 for 10 mins By Alex Wright For Drivers collecting

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Researchers reveal patterns that giveaway a liar over text

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Researchers developed an Android messaging app to collect sample texts  They found women on average use more words in a text when they’re lying Both men and women tend to use non-committal words, such as ‘maybe’ By Cheyenne Macdonald For While it isn’t always easy to tell when someone is lying to your face, spotting deceit in a text

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MARKET REPORT: Polestar 1 leads Volvo’s electric charge

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail Volvo has revealed the first of its new stand-alone performance cars, which, it hopes, will trump Tesla in the electric revolution. But if you want a Polestar, you can only order one online and will have to drive it using a ‘hassle-free’ subscription rather than owning it outright. The equivalent price of ownership

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Google parent turns on internet balloons in Puerto Rico

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Enabling texts, emails and basic web access to AT&T customers  Balloons were launched from Nevada and floated to the area Two have already arrived and are operational, with several more on their way  By Associated Press Google’s parent Alphabet says its stratospheric balloons are now delivering the internet to remote areas of Puerto Rico where cellphone towers were knocked out

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Shopify to Include up to 500 new jobs in Waterloo in coming years

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Shopify Inc. intends to include up to 500 jobs in Waterloo, Ont. Which will triple its workforce there during the next few years. The Ottawa-based technology firm says it plans to add between 300 to 500 full-time positions to concentrate on growing its Shopify Plus platform, which supports the largest and most complex retailers. Shopify says it’s also set to

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