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Aston Marti launches Vanquish limited edition range

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Only 175 of the Vanquish S Ultimate Edition will be sold globally The Coupe is priced at £211,995, while £223,995 for the open-topped Volante The model is available in a choice of three exterior designer colour schemes By Ray Massey For Aston Martin is saying the ultimate farewell to its outgoing 200mph Vanquish with a special limited edition range that

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Chicxulub asteroid impact released more gas that thought

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Chicxulub asteroid impact triggered sulfur and carbon dioxide release Released 325 gigatons of sulfur and 425 gigatons of carbon dioxide This is more than 10 times global human emissions of carbon dioxide in 2014 lends support to the hypothesis that the impact played a significant role in the extinction event that eradicated 75% of Earth’s plant and animal species By Mark

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Scientists reconstruct face of Scotland’s scorned ‘witch’

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Lilias Adie died while being held in prison in Torryburn, Fife in 1704 Experts believe she was in her 60s, and was frail with failing eyesight Researchers believe it is likely to be the only accurate likeness of a Scottish ‘witch’ in existence as most were burned By Shivali Best For Mailonline The face of an 18th-century ‘witch’ who died

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Pre-Columbian drawings discovered in dark caves

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70 cave systems were found on uninhabited  Mona Island in the Caribbean The strange motifs were found in small dark chambers far from cave entrances They were made between between 1200AD – 1590AD, researchers said Some are painted or drawn, and others, drawn with the fingers in the soft walls Many of these images are human-like images that appear to

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RAY MASSEY: Honda’s sporty electric coupe stars in Tokyo

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By Ray Massey Motoring Editor For The Daily Mail The Tokyo Motor Show — on this week — is well known for its promotion of the weird and wacky, as well as for pointing the way to real cars soon to be seen on Britain’s roads. One of the stars is Honda’s sporty two-seater coupe, which I tip to put

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The sex robot is a troubling reality 

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The Mail on Sunday became the first newspaper to experience Harmony 2.1  Creator Matt McMullen has been working on the design since 2014 They will go on sale to the public in January for between £7,600 to £15,200, depending on customisation By Caroline Graham for The Mail on Sunday There is a barely audible click as her doe-like eyes framed by

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Car insurance is most expensive it has ever been, says ABI

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Average motor premium in the third quarter of 2017 cost £485 That’s more than the previous record – set the previous quarter – of £484 The ABI blamed increases in IPT and higher vehicle repair costs It now wants the government to offer some financial respite for motorists by implementing changes to personal-injury claims  By Rob Hull For Motorist

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NASA releases compilation of the eerie ‘sounds’ of space

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Compilation shared on Soundcloud includes 22 snippets of ‘space sounds’ It reveals a  stunning new perspective on planets and other mysterious objects Scientists converted radio emissions collected across NASA’s various missions By Cheyenne Macdonald For NASA has released a chilling compilation of the ‘sounds’ of space, bringing to life the radio emissions captured by its spacecraft as they journey

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The most and least reliable cars revealed by What Car?

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Four of the top ten cars had an astonishing 100% reliability score The Honda Jazz, Toyota Aygo, Lexus CT200h and Audi A3 were fault-free  But Britain’s Range Rover Sport and Jaguar XE came bottom in their categories Overall almost a third of motorists with cars under three years had a fault  Tesla’s Model S comes bottom of the pile for

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iPads trigger ‘flight or fight’ reaction in children

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Scientists said ‘imaginary fear’ makes body react like it would to physical fear They said the reaction is similar to the body preparing to ‘run away from a lion’ Rather than expend this energy children will stay ‘sitting on the sofa’  By Laura Lambert Tv And Radio Reporter For The Daily Mail Children who play on iPads experience a ‘fight

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