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Tony Rennell discovers how savage otters can be

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By Tony Rennell for the Daily Mail Moby-Dick is on his last legs — or, rather, his fins. He’s keeled over in the water and is looking very unwell. His tail’s had a chunk taken out of it, there are vicious slashes on his side and evidence of bruising. But it’s not Captain Ahab that has done for this giant

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Red admiral butterfly flutters back: Sightings soar 75%

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Figure is the highest number since the citizen science count began in 2010 Comma butterfly saw an increase of 90% while the small copper climbed 62% Mild winter and warm spring meant some species emerged earlier than normal By Daily Mail Reporter Red admirals have had a record summer despite wet weather conditions causing problems for other butterflies, conservationists have

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‘Alien signal’ fast radio bursts are firing every second

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Experts had never seen anything like fast radio bursts (FRBs) before 2001 Some speculate they may be signals sent from intelligent life in the universe Harvard experts extrapolated data from one repeating FRB called 121102 If this is representative of all FRBs then they may be firing every moment By Tim Collins For Mailonline Scientists searching for fast radio bursts that some

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RAY MASSEY: Citroen C3 Aircross.. a classic in the making?

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail Citroen’s original family utility car — the legendary 2CV — was designed to be a simple, low-cost vehicle that would carry a farmer, his wife, two children and a basket of eggs across a ploughed field. War broke out just as the prototype was about to be unveiled in September 1939 — so

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Instagram tests new ‘follows you’ labels for Android users

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Android users have discovered a ‘follows you’ label beneath their followers’ bios It means you’ll know if someone has unfollowed you just by looking at the profile Previously, suspicious users would have to scroll through their follower’s list By Cheyenne Macdonald For Since Instagram first launched, it’s remained a tedious task to figure out if someone has discreetly unfollowed

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Car insurance costs soar 14.6% in a year

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Car insurance premiums rise 14.6% to an average of £755 per driver Drivers in London and the North West of England pay the highest average prices Changes to the payouts in personal injury cases partly to blame for the rise Prices rise fastest for older drivers but they still pay the lowest overall costs By Rebecca Rutt For Car

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Prehistoric Beelzebufo frog ate small dinosaurs

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The large frog called Beelzebufo lived about 68 million years ago in Madagascar  South American horn frogs today are thought to be very similar to Beelzebufo Researchers measured the bite force of these South American horned frogs These frogs have similar bite forces to those of mammalian predators, and the extinct frog may have had a bite as strong as

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Google bites off big piece of HTC in $1.1-billion bet on devices

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Google is biting off a big piece of device manufacturer HTC for $1.1-billion to expand its efforts to build phones, speakers and other gadgets equipped with its arsenal of digital services. The deal announced Thursday underscores how serious Google is becoming about designing its own family of devices to compete against Apple and Amazon in a high-stakes battle to become

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Used diesel car values are higher than last year

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Contrary to other reports, Auto Trader said used diesel values have gone up Diesel is still the most searched-for fuel type on the classifieds website Some 47% of those selling diesel cars said they were going to buy another diesel Auto Trader said it hasn’t seen a dramatic flood of diesel cars being listed online  By Rob Hull For

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3D fossil scans show differences between dogs and wolves

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There is a debate among researchers about the origin of dog domestication  In the early stages of domestication, the skull began changing shape  But evolution of the mandible lagged behind and did not co-evolve with the skull Wolves have fairly straight mandibles while dog mandibles are curved – structural features that become evident in a 3-D scan By Cecile Borkhataria

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