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Pig-nosed frog with purple skin discovered in India

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New pig-nosed purple frog was discovered in India’s Western Ghats mountains  It spends most of life underground, coming up only to mate in monsoon season The tadpoles have a suckerfish-like mouth, and cling to cliffs for months  By Cheyenne Macdonald For When scientists first discovered an unusual purple frog in India’s Western Ghats mountain range back in 2003, the

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The most popular first cars through the ages

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List includes iconic cars like the Mini, Morris Minor and Ford’s Escort and Cortina There’s no place for the Ford Fiesta in the list, despite being a volume seller Gumtree’s research said 22% of driver bought their first car before passing tests  By Rob Hull For Everyone remembers their first car – that statement alone probably has you reminiscing

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Facebook shuts down a million hate accounts a day

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Facebook shuts down 1M accounts daily, the firm’s chief security officer said Yet it can’t stop spam, fraud, and hate speech and blames technical challenges In May, Mark Zuckerberg announced the hiring of 3,000 more moderaters   By Sage Lazzaro For Facebook is now shutting down one million accounts every day in its bid to banish hate speech, the

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Ferrari’s new Portofino to be most affordable in 2018

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Portofino will replace the £155,000 Ferrari California from next year It’s named after a small Italian fishing town that’s ‘synonymous with elegance’ All-new aluminium chassis and a power boost from the 3.5l twin-turbo V8 engine But there is a more unique drop-top Ferrari available next month – arguably the most extreme concept car ever from the Italian marque  By Rob

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Facebook to launch ‘Aloha’ big screen video chat device

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 Team also working on an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker and 360 camera Building 8 is also developing VR and AR headsets for Oculus By Sage Lazzaro and Mark Prigg For Facebook is  preparing to launch a new range of hardware including a big screen chat device and a smart speaker.  The laptop-sized touchscreen and smart camera technology, codenamed Aloha,

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The hidden fees around car insurance renewal revealed

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Insurers are facing criticism for hiking prices for loyal customers at renewal  Average premiums have soared by a fifth in the past year to a record £690  And often administration fees are in the small print of policy documents By Victoria Bischoff for the Daily Mail Drivers face a raft of hidden fees when renewing car insurance, with providers charging

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MQ-9 Reaper drones could soon scour the skies above Guam

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Teams of the drones will work together to act as ‘eyes in the sky’ Infrared sensors can detect the heat of a missile as it enters its boost phase Pair of the drones can triangulate on the plume to obtain 3D targeting data By Mark Prigg For MQ-9 Reaper drones are being prepared to protect Guam from a North Korea

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Ford launches scrappage scheme with £5k off a new Focus

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Ford scrappage scheme will take any pre-Euro 5 petrol or diesel car Buyers will then receive £2,000 off the price of new models in the range Additional savings will also be offered on cars like the Kuga, B-Max and C-Max You only need to have owned your old car – from any brand – for 90 days  By Rob Hull

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Ray Massey takes the Volvo XC60 family SUV on mini-test

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail Ray Massey drove nearly 500 miles in the 2-litre four-cylinder diesel D4 all-wheel drive Inscription and felt as refreshed when he arrived as he did when he set off.  GOOD Scandi-lovers will adore this new mid-sized family SUV. It’s smart, stylish (if relatively conservative) with a classy interior. And despite looking like a

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UK scientists shrink robots for keyhole operations

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 Cambridge Medical Robotics claim that their robot arm can be used for surgery   The  Versius will be able to carry out hernia repairs, ear and throat surgery The robot is  a third of the size of existing devices making them cheaper  By Colin Fernandez Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail A British company hopes to revolutionise keyhole surgery – with

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