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Britons admit they don’t know what basic road signs mean

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Three quarters of drivers do not know the meaning behind basic road signs Even young drivers who passed their test recently failed to remember signs Don’t know what a sign means? Half just follow what other motorists are doing A shocking number ignore parking and loading restriction signs as well as speed limit instructions  By Rob Hull For For

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How satnav drivers forget landmarks

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Satnavs are designed to help us navigate more easily from A to B on a journey But using the technology makes people more unaware of their surroundings People who used traditional map in study were more likely to recall landmarks By Rosie Taylor for the Daily Mail They are designed to help us navigate more easily from A to B. But

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Car scrappage schemes explained and compared

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Scrappage schemes offered by car brands in the UK – how do they differ? All have slightly different restrictions on the cars you trade-in and those you buy Some are targeted to older diesels only (and one only gives discounts on new diesel cars) We think some offer better value than others when handing over your old banger By Rob

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New Uber CEO warns troubled firm ‘has to change’

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Khosrowshahi joined San Francisco-based Uber’s all-hands staff meeting Said ‘What got us here is not what’s going to get us to the next level’  Said firm could go public in ’18 to 36 months from now’  By Mark Prigg For Uber Technologies Inc has officially welcomed its new Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi, who led online travel business Expedia for 12

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New 2018 Bentley Continental GT revealed

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Bentley’s 2018 Continental GT is available to order now with a £160,000 price tag – first deliveries in Spring The new W12-powered sports tourer will be built in the Crewe and has a top speed of 207mph Dashboard has a three-sided display inspired by rotating number plates on 007’s ‘Goldfinger’ Aston Martin  New model to be shown for the first

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How the animals are just as clever as chimpanzees

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By Victoria Allen, Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail They have been spotted juggling with stones and holding paws while asleep to stop a partner floating away. Now otters have shown they are not just cute, but clever, after displaying a surprising talent at opening Tupperware. It is easy for us to get into our lunchbox during the work day,

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Did life begin because Earth was once a giant snowball?

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By John Naish for the Daily Mail Some 700 million years ago, our Blue Planet was white — imprisoned within thick ice and surrounded by an atmosphere of extreme toxicity. This was no ordinary Ice Age but a lethally frigid ‘super-winter’ that scientists have dubbed Snowball Earth and which lasted for up to 50 million years. Where once, ultra-primitive life

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Windscreens free of inects signal alarming decline in bugs

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Drivers across UK have reported less insects than usual on their windscreens  Experts have noticed a sharp decline in insect numbers over past three decades  According to scientists, this could have impact on other levels of the food chain  By Sophie Inge For Mailonline Have you noticed you’re scrubbing fewer squashed flies off your windscreen of late? You’re not alone. Drivers

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Revealed, why wide-faced women are born to win

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Scientists used measurements to calculate facial width-to-height ratios (fWHR) Higher ratios allocated to those with wider faces are considered more masculine Women with higher fWHRs had a more prevalent desire for power By Padraic Flanagan For The Mail On Sunday Shaping up for success: Sophie Ellis-Bextor Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Sophie Ellis-Bextor all have it… the facial clue that

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Volkswagen camper van is making a comeback

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By Ray Massey Motoring Editor For The Daily Mail Good summer-loving news for hippies of all ages — the Volkswagen camper van is making a comeback. After many false dawns, VW bosses have confirmed their Microbus really is to return reinvented for the 21st century — as a ‘green’ electric vehicle. Nostalgics will remember that the original Type 2 rear-engined

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