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Harvard develops medical bio glue based on slug secretions

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When slugs are threatened they release a sticky mucus to fix them in place  An adhesive was developed from analysis of Arion subfuscus, a common slug Experts used it to repair a hole in a pig heart that was slick with blood Tests revealed it is significantly stronger than other medical adhesives It is also non-toxic and does not cause tissue

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Engineer GKN increases profits 14% to £393m

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The Worcestershire-based company’s profits were helped by the pound’s fall  It makes equipment for more than 90% of the world’s car manufacturers It is already making technology for Volvo for its new electric vehicles  By City & Finance Reporter for the Daily Mail Electric cars and 3D printing helped engineer GKN increase profits 14 per cent to £393 million. The

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eBay reveals AI image search that finds item look-alikes

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eBay users can soon shop by uploading images of what they want to buy The new feature uses two types of artificial intelligence – computer vision and deep learning –  to automatically sift through over 1.1 billion listings The AI feature started as a Hackathon project before being integrated   By Sage Lazzaro For eBay is making it easier to

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Kids’ flair is about to get an upgrade

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Has come preloaded with a program. It’s been a component of Windows. It lets you draw (usually shaky) lines of various thicknesses and colours with your mouse, so that you may do stick figures and messages and apologetic hearts which you may send to your girlfriend when you have annoyed her. Children practise controlling a mouse and could draw with

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VW refusing to pay the £2.5m London Congestion Charge bill

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Sadiq Khan said VW had shown ‘utter contempt’ for Londoners The German car maker said affected cars still qualified for CC exemption That’s because the congestion charge is based on CO2 emissions and not NOx Owners of cars that have received a software fix say they’re now unreliable German government will deregister any affected car that doesn’t have the fix 

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Britain’s network of Roman roads reinvented in subway map

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The remarkable ‘subway map’ incorporates dozens of roads from 43 – 410 AD, the creator says Names of towns and cities are in Latin, but lines are in English, as the original names have been lost in history  Travelling on these roads would have taken weeks or even months to reach some destinations  By Shivali Best For Mailonline From 43 –

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Single collector to sell 13 rare Ferraris at RM Sotheby’s

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Ferrari collection for sale spans 50 years and includes some of the most iconic cars ever built The headline vehicle in the 13-strong fleet is a 1961 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, estimated to fetch $10m (£7.7m) Latest car in the range is a 2011 599 GTO with a mere 481 miles on the clock, worth a claimed $800,000 Most of

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Alcohol may improve memory in social drinkers

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Social drinkers were given a word-learning task, after which half drank alcohol When doing the task again the next day, those who had alcohol performed better Scientists suggest alcohol may block the learning of new information, giving the brain more resources to put recently learned information into long-term memory By Shivali Best For Mailonline While many people drink in the

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What the humble ant can teach us humans

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Ants can teach humans in areas as diverse as health care, defence, and transport Size for size, they are much stronger than us and can lift 5,000 times its weight The tiny insects make up a quarter of all the animals on earth, at ten quadrillion   By John Naish for the Daily Mail Humans may think we rule the world

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The new Range Rover Velar with real fjord focus 

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The new Range Rover Velar, which is designed, engineered and built in Britain was launched in March The top-of-the-range 4X4 can hit 60mph in 5.3 seconds and go on to a limited speed of 155mph The Velar is the fourth addition to the 47-year old Range Rover family – and named after the original prototype  The original car was sent

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