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The different factors that influence emoji choice

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Factors include popularity, perceived meaning and location on a keyboard People are most likely to use emojis with meaning close to popular words  Although emojis each have a textual description, users don’t see the description Even if a description is informative, it may not be how people interpret the emoji For example, the emoji of the sun behind clouds, which

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Warning over the collapse of £30bn car loan debt deals

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Credit agencies have issued warnings about loans taken out by car buyers  Loans are bundled up and sold as multi-million-pound investments to giant funds But if consumers stop buying cars it threatens the health of these investments  By James Burton City Reporter For The Daily Mail A fall in used car prices and a crackdown on high-polluting diesels has set

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Experts reveal how images can fool our brain 

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Wind turbine blade that stood in center Hull appeared to be super-imposed Experts said the illusion was a result of how the light hit the blade When the sunlight hit the object from above it produced shading around it The eye thinks the object is out-of-place and must’ve been added to the scene By Stacy Liberatore For The internet has produced

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Vauxhall Scrappage Allowance scheme launched

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British car brand is offering £2k for any car traded in for one of its new models Only the Adam, Corsa, Meriva, Astra and Mokka X are eligible for the deal Owners must have had the car they want to trade in for at least 90 days Parts for pre-1991 vehicles to be salvaged for car collectors and owners’ groups By

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Google plans to spy on shop purchases by customers

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Google will work out when users click on online adverts make offline purchase The new technology has been described as the ‘holy grail’ for advertisers  Scheme launched in the US, where Google will access credit and debit card data By Mail Foreign Service People with shop loyalty cards will soon have their purchases tracked by Google whenever they buy goods

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Is it really safe to pay for parking on your mobile?

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Traffic wardens issue fines if the registration number logged does not match  In some cases, the motorist has made a genuine error — such as a mistype Sometimes payment is allocated to a former car or one that belongs to a partner When drivers try to explain the error to their appeal is routinely thrown out By Victoria Bischoff for

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King Tut’s bed moved to Grand Egyptian Museum

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The still unfinished new Grand Egyptian Museum is at the foot of the pyramids and is set to open in 2018 Will eventually house the collections of the current brimming museum Gilded bed and a funeral chariot from Tutankhamun’s tomb were transferred on Tuesday The young pharaoh’s mummy will remain in his tomb as it is too fragile to transport 

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VW confirms it will make a dinky Up! GTI

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After much speculation, VW has confirmed it will make a Up! GTI hot hatch It will feature a turbocharge three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine with 113bhp Performance stats include 0-to-62mph in 8.8 seconds and a 122mph top speed We compared it to the last diminunitive VW performance car, the Lupo GTI  By Rob Hull For The GTI name is synonymous with

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Great cicada confusion: Insects emerging four YEARS early

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Sightings of Brood X cicadas have been reported from Maryland to Tennessee The Brood X cicadas are expected to come out to reproduce in 2021 Cicadas that come out early or late are known as ‘stragglers’ and are not unusual But, high number has some wondering if climate change is speeding up growth By Cheyenne Macdonald For A species

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Half of adults cannot name a shrub according to a survey

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The poll of 2,004 adults for the Royal Horticultural Society found that a fifth do not grow any plants themselves and blame lack of time for a lack of gardening More than a quarter do not know that a pumpkin grows above the ground People aged 16 – 24 were the worst performers on a number of questions The results

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