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The average car insurance policy will pass £800 due to IPT

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By Rob Hull For The average car insurance policy will rise above £800 for the first time next month when Insurance Premium Tax increases from 10 to 12 per cent tomorrow. That’s the warning from, which predicted that the 2 per cent IPT increase will mean that average motor insurance premiums will hit a new high, with costs

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Primates show teeth to signal their intention to bite

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Researchers at University of Lincoln find ‘smiling’ monkeys are not being friendly They discovered monkeys who pout their lips are making an aggressive gesture Tourists who pout back at monkeys are at risk of nasty bite, researchers warned By Colin Fernandez, Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail Tourists are at risk of being bitten by monkeys as many think the

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AA refuses payouts for families who paid twice for cover

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By Louise Eccles for the Daily Mail U-turn: The AA is refusing to refund families who have paid twice for breakdown cover The AA is refusing to refund families who have paid twice for breakdown cover. It promised to help some 17,000 customers affected for up to 16 years after opening Lloyds bank accounts that included the cover. But compensation is

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Seven out of 10 apps share data with third party servers

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These smartphone apps report personal data to companies like Google Analytics Newly installed apps asks for permission before accessing personal information But once an app has permission to collect that information it can share your data  Researchers tested 111 kids’ apps, and found that 11 of them leaked a unique identifier, the MAC address of the Wi-Fi router it was

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BMW smart scooter always knows where you want to go

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‘BMW Motorrad Concept Link’ uses electric battery packs, and even features a reverse gear Has a touchscreen dashboard, and can be paired with a new smart motorcycles jacket that can change settings on the bike with a swipe on its sleeve Can integrate with online calenders to automatically set destinations, and project directions onto windscreen By Mark Prigg For

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Oil stocks drive petrol price to seven-month low

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By Jon Rees, Financial Mail on Sunday Petrol prices are at their lowest since last autumn, with experts predicting that oil cartel Opec’s campaign to drive up the price of oil could fail. Government figures show petrol is now on average 115.6p per litre, while diesel is 117.7p.  The last time prices were this low was in October, just before

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Water voles thrive in Britain’s highest freshwater lake

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The water vole has long been one of the animals most rapidly declining in Britain Many of the UK’s  voles were slaughtered by American Mink living in the wild However water voles are now flourishing in England’s highest freshwater lake 100 voles were reintroduced by the National Trust in Malham Tarn, Yorkshire By Daily Mail Reporter A water vole nibbles on

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Rolls-Royce Sweptail unveiled as most expensive car ever

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The bespoke coupe was commissioned by an unnamed super-wealthy customer It takes its styling cues from luxury yachts and has James Bond-esque touches It takes its name from the ‘swept-tail’ design of Rolls-Royces of the 1920s-30s By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail A stunning one-off customised Rolls-Royce with an estimated £10million price tag swept into the record books when the

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Super Wasps threatening to invade gardens

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Increased temperatures mean it is prime mating time for the German Wasp The insect is known for its three black spots on its face and is known as a ‘yellowjacket’ They are known to populate the South of England and the East Midlands  By Mail Online Reporter A huge ‘super wasp’ which can repeatedly sting people could appear in your

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RAY MASSEY: Jaguar’s royal flush at Pippa wedding

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail This gorgeous sports car is cared for by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, based at Gaydon, Warks, with more than 140 cars in the collection on display ( Registered on February 24, 1961, the 150 mph 3.8 litre ‘straight-six’ cylinder Series 1 open two-seater was one of two E-Types used to give demonstration

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