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MOT should be based on mileage not age, say drivers

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Some 82% of motorists want MOTs to occur at specific mileage intervals More than half voted against plans to delay a car’s first test to the fourth year Many fear the extended period before an MOT could impact on road safety The consultation for the planned changes ended this week By Rob Hull For The MOT, which deems whether

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Baby humpback whales ‘whisper’ to their mothers

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Newborn humpbacks communicate with their mothers using intimate grunts Quiet communication reduces the chances of being overheard by killer whales Findings highlight the importance of keeping humpback ‘nursery’ waters quiet By Phoebe Weston For Mailonline Baby humpback whales ‘whisper’ to their mothers to avoid attracting unwanted attention from predators and marauding males, scientists have discovered. The quiet communication reduces the

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Three quarters of drivers want the speed limit raised

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73 per cent of drivers think the new speeding guidelines will have little impact The majority of drivers blame lack of funding for enforcing speed limits Drivers say there should be allowances for those caught within 5mph of the limit More than a third of drivers admit to receiving a penalty fine for speeding  By Rebecca Rutt For Three-quarters

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NASA reveals design for Lunar/Mars greenhouse ‘tube’

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The Prototype Lunar/Mars Greenhouse project involves and inflatable tube It recycles nutrients in a loop, simulating processes on earth that support life The prototypes developed are 18 feet long and more than 8 feet in diameter To protect astronauts from space radiation, the greenhouse units would most likely be buried under surface soil or regolit, thus requiring specialized lighting By Cecile

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Weak pound and higher profit margins add 8p to petrol cost

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By Rob Hull For It is  five years to the week that fuel prices rose to their highest levels on record. But while pump costs aren’t as sky-high today, the gulf between oil prices and wholesale is bigger now than it was when petrol and diesel were at their most expensive in 2012, new analysis shows. The AA said

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Striking new light phenomenon named STEVE

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The aurora experts spotted the feature in a photo shared on a Facebook group One of the enthusiasts recognised it was not a cataloged phenomenon  It’s been named Steve in homage to the 2006 children’s film, Over the Hedge By Daily Mail Reporter The new feature was spotted in photos shared on a Facebook group A group of aurora enthusiasts have

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‘Cut fuel duty’ plea after fall in retail sales

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By Jon Rees For The Mail On Sunday The soaring price of petrol – which has shot up by 16.4 per cent in the last year – is being blamed for causing consumers to slash their spending in shops. Store sales fell by 1.4 per cent in the three months to March over the preceding quarter, said the Office for

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Ford designs blow-up bike to fit in the car boot

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Engineers designed inflatable frame to make it easier to stow cycles in a car boot The bike has a traditional rigid steering column but other parts of frame inflate These segments consist of seven rubber tubes enclosed in Kevlar  By Richard Gray For The Mail On Sunday The chance of getting a puncture has always been a headache for cyclists. But

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RAY MASSEY: Cheeky China’s ‘copycat’ cars

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — and that’s especially true in the world’s largest car market. British makers should be flattered that the styling of many of our cars is being celebrated so enthusiastically in the form of copycat lookalikes produced by Chinese rivals! If you were to glance

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Stone carvings confirm comet hit Earth 13,000 years ago

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Scientists were analysing symbols carved on pillars at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey Using memorial carvings they pinpointed a comet impact to around 11,000BC The comet triggered a mini ice age that lasted 1,000 years This ice age forced humans to develop farming techniques to grow their crops By Harry Pettit For Mailonline Ancient symbols carved into stone at an archaeological

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