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Fossil hunters find shin bone of 2m-year-old mammoth

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Two amateur fossil hunters found a mammoth bone buried on a Norfolk beach Dan Chamberlain and Russell Yeomans dug up the 4ft tibia bone last week  It belongs to a mammoth that lived up to two million years ago  By Andrew Levy For The Daily Mail Over the years, amateur fossil hunters Dan Chamberlain and Russell Yeomans have found a

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How to fight back private companies issuing parking fines

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By Toby Walne for The Mail on Sunday Steep car parking fines are a modern day curse, raking in millions of pounds every year for private firms and cash-starved councils. Although car park operators are using increasingly sinister tactics to ensure these fines are paid, victims can hit back. About half of fines challenged are overturned. The latest trick being

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NASA could approve dragonfly drone to explore Titan

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The eight-bladed ‘dragonfly’ drone would fly from one region of Titan to the next  It would recharge while landed using its own nuclear fuel power generator  Dragonfly could also drill and take samples, and examine the moon’s surface  It could investigate potentially habitable sites on the Titan, which has methane and ethane lakes – chemistry that could potentially lead to

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RAY MASSEY: LDV’s family-friendly electric van

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail An all-electric people carrier that would make a great runaround for a family of up to seven was arguably the star of a show aimed at ‘white van man’ this week. With rear sliding doors for easy access, big, comfortable seats, six-speed automatic gearbox and a panoramic sunroof, LDV’s zero-emissions EG10 handles ideally

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company will transport cars on ‘skates’

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Musk began digging a trench at SpaceX’s headquarters in California after complaining about traffic  Electric platform will transporting cars in a narrow tunnel at up to 200 kilometers per hour (roughly 130 MPH) Would require large network of tunnels and loading lifts to be built across a city  Cars will leave and enter tunnels in a space as small as

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Which car companies own which vehicle brands

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Peugeot-owning PSA Group bought Vauxhall and Opel last month It’s the latest example of giant groups monopolising the car market The VW Group currently includes 12 different vehicle brands Do you know which brands are owned by which groups? Try our quiz below  By Rob Hull For Brand image is a powerful force in the car world. Ask someone

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$30 BILLION race to create an AI sex doll

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Dozens of firms are working on lifelike dolls with AI personlaities Among the most impressive is Harmony – an AI bot that can hold conversations She remembers what she’s told and users can choose her personality traits  She can be kind, sexual, shy, naive or brainy and her body is fully customizable Other bots being developed by others include Samantha, with

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Mechanics are charging as much as £230 an hour for labour

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Surrey is the most expensive area for labour costs, a new study has revealed Survey of 6,000 garages across the UK revealed the true cost of repair work Three quarters of motorists quizzed said they don’t ask the price of labour Almost a third don’t check their repair bill or service receipt before paying  By Rob Hull For It’s

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Georgia study finds mammals take 12 seconds to poop

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Researchers say all mammals take an average of 12 seconds to relive themselves And, they apply about the same amount of pressure to do so, regardless of size  Mammals rely on layer of mucus to carry fecal matter through large intestine By Cheyenne Macdonald For Whether wild or domestic, hunter or hunted, 10lbs or 10,000, there’s one thing all

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Uber seems to climb with flying taxis by 2020

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After upending the cab industry having its journey-hailing assistance, Uber Systems Inc is currently targeting the heavens having its soaring taxis. The business wants to utilize its soaring taxis in Houston-Fort Worth, Arizona, and Dubai by 2020, Key Merchandise Specialist Jeff Holden mentioned in the Uber Increase Peak in Houston on Thursday. Uber’s flying taxis can be tiny, electronic airplane

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