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RAY MASSEY: Nissan’s musical new Micra revs up on style

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail Yes, it may be small by UK standards, but Nissan’s fifth-generation Micra supermini is a mighty marvel, especially if you’re a music lover. I took one for a spin from bright and breezy Brighton around the Sussex countryside and found it a delight. It looks great, with fantastic kerb appeal. Lower and wider

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Boeing’s gigantic Dreamliner 787-10 takes first flight

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The plane is a second and final ‘stretch,’ of the original 787-8, at 18 feet (5.5 meters) longer than the 787-9 The Dreamliner 787-10 seats 330 passengers, 40 more than the 787-9 and 88 more than the 787-8 The plane, which sells for $312.8 million at list price, ‘flew well’ in its first flight on Friday, pilots said By Reuters

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The Rolls-Royce Wraiths designed by British music icons

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 Nine Rolls-Royce Wraiths commissioned with unique design touches to celebrate illustrious British stars First four models showcased for the first time – and each will be available to buy, raising money for charity Forthcoming collaborations with Dame Shirley Bassey, Status Quo’s Francis Rossi and Ronnie Wood  By Rob Hull For Rolls-Royce is known for making incredible one-off special cars

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SpaceX to launch a ‘used rocket’ into space today

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SpaceX tested the ‘space proven’ rocket on Monday ahead of the historic launch Falcon 9 rocket lifted off on schedule at 6.27pm eastern time today (11.27pm BST) It was pictured soaring toward space above a Virgin Airlines passenger jet, which had just departed Orlando International Airport The SES-10 satellite it carries will provide TV and internet services for south America

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Vauxhall names yellow paint Maddox after car colour victim

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By Rob Hull For Vauxhall has made the bold decision to rename the shade of its banana-coloured paint option as ‘Maddox Yellow’ – in an act of support for a pensioner accused of spoiling a chocolate box village’s landscape. Peter Maddox stood accused of ruining the picturesque views in his iconic Gloucestershire village with his bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa.

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100-year-old beer discovered in the Czech Republic

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The three bottles contained lager and were discovered in a cellar of a brewery  The researchers think that they were produced during the World War I era  They tasted each beer, which had flavors that ranged from fecal to fruity  The old beers had higher alcohol content and were less bitter than beers today  Suggests our ancestors produced beer from

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Councils that fine you if your parking ticket falls

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People who buy valid parking tickets are being stung a second time  In one case, a ticket had blown upside down when the car door slammed shut  In another, the ticket slipped into a dark corner of the dashboard out of sight Councils have explicit rules that state parking tickets must be displayed clearly It means drivers who appeal such

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Intelligent birds are less likely to die in road accidents

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Around a quarter of a billion birds a year die from being run over worldwide   But research has found birds have adapted a great deal to traffic Crows are known to prefer to change the lane they are in to face oncoming traffic By Colin Fernandez Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail Birds with bigger brains are more likely

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22 new cars hit hadest by car tax changes

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Worst affected cars will see three-year tax costs rise from £40 to £1,030 Hybrids and other alternative-fuel vehicles to be hit hard by the new directive Lexus dealers are likely to take a significant blow with their conventional hybrids feeling the brunt of the VED changes Even the UK’s best-selling cars will be clobbered by higher tax rates By Rob

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Disturbing YouTube videos being posed as popular cartoons

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Many of the videos look like normal cartoons on YouTube’s homepage Some of them can even be watched through the ‘YouTube Kids’ app An investigation found hundreds of the fake clips on YouTube’s website One clip depicts a dentist with a huge syringe pulling out popular cartoon character Peppa Pig’s teeth as she screams in distress By Harry Pettit For

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