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Cheaper car insurance if you save into a pension

alibhai/ February 28, 2017/ Web News/ 0 comments

By City & Finance Reporter for the Daily Mail Aviva’s statistics show people who save for retirement are less likely to have an accident Pension savers tend to be safer drivers and should therefore get cheaper car cover, Britain’s biggest insurer has decided. Aviva’s statistics show people who save regularly for retirement are less likely to have an accident or

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New ‘bubble chamber’ machine could detect dark matter

alibhai/ February 28, 2017/ New Gadgets/ 0 comments

Machine could shed new light on interactions between dark and regular matter The new bubble chamber is 17 times more sensitive than recent predecessor Scientists hope it will reveal the presence of a particular dark matter type  By Cheyenne Macdonald For Scientists have created an ultra-sensitive machine that could detect dark matter. The new ‘bubble chamber’ is 17 times

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Nasa Curiosity rover reveals stormy conditions on Mars

alibhai/ February 27, 2017/ New Gadgets/ 0 comments

Rover has been observing whirlwinds carrying dust, known as dust devils, inside Gale crater NASA engineers have been checking how far the wind moves grains of sand in a single day’s time By Mark Prigg For Although Mars is widely regarded as a ‘dead’ planet, the latest images from Curiosity reveal life on the red planet’s surface is alive

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How women adopt baby talk when speaking to their dog

alibhai/ February 26, 2017/ New Gadgets/ 0 comments

Experts found women adopt what has been dubbed ‘pet-directed speech’ They varying the tone, pitch and intensity of their voice when talking to dogs By doing this, women ensure they are communicating quite purposefully  By Mail Foreign Service Women use the pet equivalent of baby talk to make the most of their interactions with their dog, research shows. Experts found

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TCL holds flickering rim flare with KEYone telephone release

alibhai/ February 26, 2017/ Corporate tech/ 0 comments

Rim Ltd could have departed these devices enterprise, but enthusiasts of the exploratory e mail equipment will not need to despair as Asian smartphone manufacturer TCL Connection has released its first Rim-qualified cellphone with all the real keyboard that has been long its important attraction. The KEYone includes a feeling exhibit using a real keyboard to offer consumers more functional

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Aston Martin’s quarterly profits leap 90%

alibhai/ February 25, 2017/ Web News/ 0 comments

By Ray Massey Motoring Editor For The Daily Mail James Bond’s favourite car maker Aston Martin is ‘on track’ to be back in profit by the end of next year, after full-year earnings exceeded £100 million for the first time. The luxury performance car firm said it was ‘unaffected by Brexit’ as underlying earnings in the fourth quarter accelerated 90

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Global warming ‘speeding up’ nature in Arctic

alibhai/ February 25, 2017/ New Gadgets/ 0 comments

Some plants in the low Arctic of Greenland are emerging sooner than usual These changes are associated with reduced sea ice cover in the Arctic  They’re causing ‘nature’s clock’ to speed up and are harming caribou reindeer  Plant growth is outpacing the caribou calving season and more are dying early   By Cecile Borkhataria For Some plants in the

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Ray Massey gets behind the wheel of the new Alfa Romeo

alibhai/ February 24, 2017/ Web News/ 0 comments

The Giulia costs from £29,180, for the entry level 2-litre petrol turbo  With a red ‘start’ button, models race from rest to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds Ray said the real soundtrack was the ‘purr and roar of the exhaust’ as it got going By Ray Massey Motoring Editor For The Daily Mail Alfa Romeos are clearly like buses. You

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Mayan ‘megajewel’ that once belonged to a king

alibhai/ February 24, 2017/ New Gadgets/ 0 comments

Pendent discovered in Nim Li Punit is second largest Maya jade found in Belize It is carved in a T shape, which archaeologists say signifies ‘wind and breath’ Also found a vessel with a beaked face thought to depict a Maya god of wind By Cheyenne Macdonald For Archaeologists have discovered an ancient jade pendent that was once worn

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This Citroen 2CV is expected to sell for £65,000

alibhai/ February 23, 2017/ Web News/ 0 comments

One of 100 remaining twin-engined, four-wheel-drive 2CV ‘Sahara’ models First owner drove 1964 Citroen from Nigeria to the UK and back to dodge the Civil War in Africa Original owner shipped the car back to the UK in 1981 with intention to restore it Some 31 years later, the cars was returned to original condition – and now it could

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