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Date with a crash tester floors Ford

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By Ray Massey, Motoring Editor For The Daily Mail Twenty years ago — and amid much opposition from motor manufacturers — British car buyers saw the results of the very first crash tests. ‘Not necessary’, ‘our cars are safe’, ‘we don’t need them’, was the almost unanimous view I heard from a motor industry miffed at having their own internal

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The self-destructing phone Donald Trump may NOT be using

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Was given a Boeing Black phone that ‘goes with the office’ of the President Phone is encrypted and will self-destruct if tampered with  Experts say he is at risk of lone hackers to better-funded intelligence agencies however, Trump believed to be still be using his personal Samsung Galaxy By Stacy Liberatore For It is the high-tech, secretive phone designed

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner welcome cabinet for Shabbat

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner celebrated Shabbat with a flurry of cabinet picks on Friday  Department of Commerce pick Wilbur Ross and his wife Hilary Geary Ross attended the festivities Hope Hicks, president of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn, and Department of the Treasury pick Steve Mnuchin also visited the Kushners’ new home before the Sabbath  Workers at Ivanka Trump and

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UK car production reached a 17 year high in 2016

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Car makers built a massive 1,722,698 models in 2016 – the most since 1999 Of all the vehicles built, 83.6% were shipped overseas A total of 1.35 million cars built in the UK were exported – the highest figure ever Jaguar Land Rover built 544,000 units in 2016 alone – more than any other car maker Total investment in the

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Girls as young a 6 think they aren’t as brilliant as boys

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Study also found at the age of five, there is no difference between the sexes The researchers think these stereotypes have a knock-on effect into adulthood  By only their second year of school, girls are more likely than boys to shy away from activities for ‘really, really clever’ children  By Abigail Beall For Mailonline and Victoria Allen for the Daily

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Melanie Griffith steps out in LA with a male friend

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By Sameer Suri For Melanie Griffith enjoyed a stroll in West Hollywood whilst she was out and about in the neighbourhood Thursday. The 59-year-old film star had pulled herself into a pair of grainy grey leggings that tightened about her enviably toned legs. Ambling along beside her was a male friend, who’d garnished his otherwise black outfit with a

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Ford confirms its new GT supercar will do 216mph

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There aren’t many quicker cars out there – even a Ferrari F12 and Pagani Zonda Ford says the GT is quicker around the track than its closest rivals Want one? Good luck – they sold out instantly and Ford has had to extend the production cycle to keep customers happy  Just 1,000 to be made between 2017 and 2020, with

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Smart glasses isntantly focus on what you are looking at

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Adaptive glasses are designed with liquid-based lenses Three actuators on each lens pushes them back in forth to adjust focus Users will only have to plug-in their eyeglasses prescription into Will never have to switch frames or buy a new pair again  By Stacy Liberatore For The days of switching between reading and prescription glasses are numbered. Researcher have

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China’s shadow banking crusade risks bond market crash

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By Reuters By Samuel Shen and John Ruwitch SHANGHAI, Jan 26 (Reuters) – China’s campaign to cut high debt levels in its economy is aiming this year to shrink the $3 trillion shadow banking sector, which could drain a critical source of income for the country’s banks and of funding for its fragile bond market. Shadow banking, a term for

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Paris introduces a new eco-sticker system for vehicles

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Petrol and diesel cars registered before 1997 are banned from the capital between 8am and 8pm Failure to display a sticker will result in a fine of €68 and €135 (£58 to £117) UK registered cars can be driven without one until March 31 A sticker costs around €3.70 (£3,20) – or €4.18 (£3.60) including postage By Rob Hull For

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