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Editing genes to eliminate cancer or Schizophrenia could stop the rise of geniuses, scientist warns

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Scientist James Kozubek says altering human genes to cure diseases and disorders could stop the rise of geniuses like Stephen Hawking Kozubek says the gene-editing technology Crispr-Cas9 is not all positive Crispr-Cas9 is being tested in the US and China to curb the spread of cancer It may also erase depression or Schizophrenia, but it could eliminate geniuses — as

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Dwayne Johnson indulges in epic cheat meal featuring mound of french toast with loads of apple pie

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By Sarah Jones For He is known for his incredibly fit physique and bulked up body. But Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson allowed himself to indulge in a cheat meal of epic proportions in celebration of Christmas Day on Sunday.  ‘Yeah so this cheat meal went down at 11:45pm last night,’ the 44-year-old star captioned his post on Monday. ‘8

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Elon Musk’s Gigafactory is taking shape with 2.4M square feet added in just 6 months

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$5 billion structure in Sparks, Nevada will produce 500,000 lithium ion batteries annually to meet demand  New drone footage of Tesla’s Gigafactory shows that it is now 30 percent complete The north end of the massive building has been finished, adding another 4.5 million square feet of space The factory will be used to produce batteries for products including Tesla

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Apple fan figures out a neat way to stop losing the tech giant’s tiny but expensive new wireless headphones 

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Andrew Cornett has found a way to ensure he never loses his Apple AirPods He’s taken the AirPods unusual design and is holding them in place by putting them inside his stretched ear piercings He shared photo to Twitter of his solution that’s gone viral with over 3.6K shares Cornett wrote: ‘Figured out how I’m gonna keep these AirPods from falling

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Instagram pro reveals how to take better photos using your smartphone this Christmas

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Cole Rise, creator of some of the original Instagram filters, offers his advice They include using the background to enhance the main point of photo’s focus He also says you should work unusual angles to get a unique perspective  By Luke Johnson For Mailonline Christmas is a time to remember – the family are together, the festivity is high, and

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Naomi Watts’ son Sasha dons Santa hat for family Christmas Eve stroll

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By Cassie Carpenter For Naomi Watts’ son Sasha got into the Christmas Eve spirit by donning a festive Santa Claus hat at a playground near Manhattan’s Hudson River on Saturday. The nine-year-old boy (born Alexander) was bundled in an Army puffer coat while his eight-year-old brother Sammy (born Samuel Kai) sported a pair of fancy cowboy boots. The 48-year-old

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France unveils world’s first solar panel road in Tourouvre-au-Perche

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1km (0.6-mile) stretch of road is located in Tourouvre-au-Perche Some 2,880 photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity The road is expected to produce 280 MWh of electricity a year   By Libby Plummer For Mailonline A solar panel road, claimed to be the world’s first, has opened in France. The 0.6 miles (1km) stretch of road in the small Normandy

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U.N. Security Council condemns Israeli settlements after the U.S. sits out the vote – and Trump vows ‘things will be different’ after he’s in office 

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UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israeli settlement-building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem U.S. has consistently vetoed such measures but President Barack Obama decided to abstain, allowing it to pass An Israeli official charged on Friday that ‘the U.S administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti-Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back’  President-elect Donald Trump pledged

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Review: Amazon bets on the connected home with a fun, but unnecessary device for most

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Every few years, the biggest names in the consumer electronics industry try to predict what the Next Big Thing will be. Sometimes they get it right, as in the case of smartphones. Sometimes they get it wrong, and are left with a lot of unsold 3D televisions. The latest such prediction is the Connected Home. The Connected Home is essentially

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It’s war! Nokia issues MORE lawsuits against Apple in smartphone patent battle

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Nokia’s lawsuits cover patents for displays, user interfaces, software, antennas, chipsets and video coding  Apple sued Acacia Research Corp and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc on Tuesday iPhone maker accused them of colluding with Nokia to extract and extort exorbitant revenues unfairly and anticompetitively from Apple  By Mark Prigg For Nokia has filed a new set of patent lawsuits

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