NFL signs deal to bring game highlights to Facebook

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The National Football League and Facebook Inc have signed a deal to deliver NFL game recaps and highlights into the world’s biggest social media, culminating years of discussions, the NFL said on Tuesday.

The deal includes both parties in strategic turning points, as Facebook attempts to add more video to draw viewers and the NFL tries to follow eyeballs from conventional tv to social media.

Facebook has expressed interest in live-streaming NFL games on Thursday nights, for this year when it dropped out to Inc.. broadcasts its first Thursday night game this week.

The arrangement between the NFL and Facebook won’t consist of live matches but will insure official NFL video highlights from all regular season games in addition to the playoffs and the Super Bowl, the NFL said in a statement.

Some NFL Films, documentary-style productions created by the league, are also included.

The agreement is effective immediately globally, the NFL said, and is for two decades, a source familiar with the deal said. Other provisions, such as potential advertising, weren’t disclosed.

“We’ve got millions of fans around Facebook, and they continue to demonstrate an unbelievable appetite for NFL content,” Hans Schroeder, chief operating officer of NFL Media, said in a statement.

Other media outlets have NFL-themed shows. Twitter Inc streams pre-game coverage. The league-owned NFL Network broadcasts a nightly program.

Facebook, however, is the largest social network with some 2 billion monthly users worldwide. Its NFL videos will look on Watch, the newly overhauled Facebook movie tab.

Facebook expects that the deal will enable “busy NFL fan communities on Facebook to watch and debate the top storylines from every week,” Dan Reed, Facebook’s head of international sports ventures, said in a statement.

Facebook Watch currently includes one NFL-related app: a reality show on soccer player Mashawn Lynch for which Facebook is paying Time Warner Inc’s Bleacher Report millions of dollars.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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