Last ever Rolls-Royce Phantom VII to be made

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  • The seventh-generation Phantom was the first model produced under BMW ownership, starting in 2003
  • The production line is being readied for next year’s Phantom VIII featuring a lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Final VII model has a nautical theme with ocean-coloured paint and 1930s liners etched into the dashboard
  • A standard extended wheelbase Phantom costs from £373,824 – this would have been much more than that 

 All good things come to an end.

After 14 years of production, the last Rolls-Royce Phantom VII has emerged from the factory in West Sussex.

But, being a Roller, this is no normal car. The final seventh-generation Phantom is an extended wheelbase version with a nautical theme created for a ‘renowned contemporary Rolls-Royce collector’. Send offs don’t get much more flamboyant than this.

Phantom VIII swansong: This nautical-themed version is the last ever seventh generation Phantom to be made at the Goodwood facility. A new Phantom VIII is due to be available next year

The Phantom VII is a significant milestone in Rolls-Royce’s history, being the first model produced under BMW ownership in 2003.

Five models have emerged since then, with the Phantom Drophead Coupé, Phantom Coupé, Ghost, Wraith and last year’s Dawn being built at the Goodwood headquarters.

The British marque is now preparing the production line for the arrival of the Phantom VIII which, like all current Rolls-Royces, will be hand-built in the UK facility once the new all-aluminium chassis structures arrive from Germany.

However, before the switch over took place, there was one final swansong for the soon-to-be-replaced luxury saloon with a strict criteria in place.

The customer requested a car that mimics a grand ocean liner, so the factory set about lavishing the long-wheelbase Phantom – worth £373,824 before any customisation even takes place – with nautical based features.

The wooden dashboard panels have 1930s cruise liners hand-sculpted into them with stunning results

The clocks in the car are designed to look like classic ship timepieces. The housing for the clocks can be rotated to show the current time in any of 24 cities, depending on where the owner is driving the vehicle

The attention to detail in the Phantom is exquisite – even the door panels look like pieces of art

This includes artwork of 1930s cruise ships etched into the dashboard panels and classic ocean liner radio clocks housed in a rotating bezel that can be adjusted to 24 different time zones, depending on where the owner plans to cruise to in their final-ever Phantom VII.

To continue the sea theme, the lambswool carpets have been hand-cut with a wake effect and even the ‘Blue Velvet’ paint and powder blue leather upholstery are a nod to the colour of the ocean. 

The ‘Blue Velvet’ exterior paint is designed to replicate the ocean colour. It is contrasted by silver coach lines, tyre stripes and an all-silver Spirit of Ecstasy rising from the grille

This extended wheelbase Phantom marks the end of a 14-year long production cycle for the seventh-generation car – the first model produced under BMW ownership

A long-wheelbase Phantom costs £373,824 before the Rolls-Royce bespoke design team gets their hands on it. The car maker hasn’t revealed the total fee paid for this last-ever car, though expect it to be at least three times the standard price

There are even ocean liner motifs hand-painted on the the shoulder of the car along with a silver pin stripe, white-wall tyres and an all-silver Spirit of Ecstasy.  

Under the deck-long bonnet is the same 6.75-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine that produced 454bhp – good for 0 to 62mph in 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 149mph, or 130 knots. 

The Phantom VIII is due to be revealed later this year ahead of its launch in 2018 along with the all-new Cullinan 4X4

Courtesy: Daily Mail Online

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