AOL finally kills off 20 year old AIM instant messenger

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AOL parent company Oath revealed AIM will no longer exist as of Dec 15, 2017 The news was met with mixed emotion, as many shared their nostalgia for it AIM launched 20yrs ago, but the firm says communication ‘profoundly changed’ By Cheyenne Macdonald For It’s been two decades since the messaging service first launched, and likely years since you

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RAY MASSEY: Electric Jag packs a mean punch

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By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail He may have a lightning-fast punch, but world heavy- weight champion Anthony Joshua had serious battery power help from Jaguar’s new elect-ric I-Pace when he lit up Christmas for some special children. The boxer used the super-charged battery of a festively wrapped, present-packed I-Pace to carry out a Christmas lights switch-on for youngsters

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Male redback spiders target young females to mate

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Redbacks are a species of venomous widow spider known to cannibalize mates To avoid being eaten, researchers found males seek young ‘immature’ mates While strange, they say the behaviour may work to the benefit of both sexes  By Cheyenne Macdonald For The sex lives of spiders are arguably among the most bizarre – and gruesome – mating practices in

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Winter driving essentials you need to carry in your car

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From warm clothing, spare boots, a road atlas and something to eat and drink Less than a third of drivers say they carry a shovel in their car in winter AA, RAC and Green Flag have all reported a record number of call-outs this week There are also warnings to drivers about two winter misdemeanours called ‘frosting’ and ‘tank commanding’

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US Marines test ONR self-flying helicopter

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System will initially be used to resupply troops on the front line Marines can call up the supplies needed and order the flights using a tablet By Mark Prigg For US Marines could soon be dropped into battle using self flying helicopters. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has revealed its first test of an autonomous helicopter. It is

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Fiat Punto gets awarded the lowest crash test rating ever

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The Fiat Punto has been on sale since 2005 and had been awarded 5 stars However, it lacks modern safety assistance systems by today’s standards Euro NCAP said the car was ‘past its sell-by-date’ compared to rivals on sale Of 70 cars tested by the safety body this year, 44 achieved 5-star scores  By Rob Hull For The Fiat

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Face of a Scottish soldier who died in 1650 is revealed

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The images were created using the skull of a skeleton that was discovered in Durham in 2013 Scans revealed a previously unidentified facial scar on the soldier that has been included in the final image The soldier is depicted wearing a blue bonnet, brown jacket and shirt typical of Scottish soldiers of the time  Researchers hope that the reconstruction will

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Tech firms drive office-space crunch in downtown Toronto

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Tech companies of all sizes are clamouring for office space in downtown Toronto, exacerbating supply shortages and rental prices in an overheated property market. The lack of room has spurred multiple offers and made it harder for companies to grow their businesses. “There are no options. They have to go wherever they can to get space,” said Lee Billinkoff, an

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Why you have to pay insurance if your car’s written off?

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 Ray Henry’s beloved Volvo was badly dented and other driver didn’t leave a note  The cost of repairing the 20-year-old car would be higher than its value After two strokes in 10 years Ray concluded it was time to give up driving He was told he would have to keep paying £109 a month until the following May By Leah

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Ceres’ bright spots could be sign of geologic activity

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Scientists say the bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres can be divided into four different categories While Ceres was thought to be a ‘dead world,’ they say the spots indicate it may still be evolving Since the first spots were detected in 2015, the Dawn spacecraft has spotted more than 300  By Cheyenne Macdonald For Mysterious bright spots dotting

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